Thursday, January 29, 2009

class 1/28/09

M + M eating. i think it is more fun to watch men eat pop corn. they usually miss their mouths and the pop corn ends up smashed into their clothing and the butter is all over their faces. Just joking know we like you all. i do feel bad that men seem to be the sole topic of the class ridicule.
the idea of mothers and daughters struck me in class. i am not sure if i believe this relationship exists as it once did? girls today are taught to be independent and to look outside of their family for support, fun and love; whether we get it from our friends or our teachers, sometimes even from boyfriends. perhaps my view is skiewed. i never grew up with a traditional mother in the respects we have given them in class. my mom was always busy and i ended up taking on the role of caretaker for my family. the question that i want to propose is whether the relationship between mothers and their daughters and the lack there of, of said relationship shapes todays women for better or for worse?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

class 1/26/09

I truly enjoyed class today. I think my favorite moment was when Dr. Sexson told us why Greek men have small bottoms. I was thinking about his article that he wrote for that paper in Mississippi and after more thought i think that it is fascinating how he took something so simple as walking his dog and reading the paper and made it somthing wonderful. This fantastical story emerges in a unique and seemingly simple manner from one memory making afternoon. I wish that everyday at least once, even for a small moment, I would take the time to look at life through the lense of my childhood imagination. Thinking back to being small and how every moment held some kind of wonder and mystical power. something as simple as finding cat poop in the family sand box was exciting and made my cousins and i laugh. Similar to the man sitting in his car reading sparked a story to imerge from the imagination from Dr. Sexson. i think that will be my new goal; to look at life nad make it interesting once again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CLASS 1/21/09

I truly enjoyed reading the Demeter and Hermes pieces more than i thought i would.  they were written so lyrically.  plus the imagry of the flower faced girl and of hermes' cunning mind was great.  i was wondering why persephanie has to stay in in the underworld simply because she ate the seed.  and how was hermes able to turn the cows heads around without hurting them.  that was crazy to think about.